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Shared Hosting Servers improvements for 2011 are in production

We are starting 2011 with major improvements in our shared hosting server farm.

The addition of a new firewall layer  and the addition of five new cPanel servers will guarantee lots of resources for our most intensive users.

Our new backup solution running daily incremental backups will guarantee disaster recovery in the event of a server failure.

We are confident that this new improvements will enhance the level of service for 2011.

Jorge Moreno
Cyber Cast International, S.A.





December 2010 Uptime Report


2010 is now gone and we would like to let our customers know how we did with our network uptime.

Third party uptime monitoring system,, tracked our Internet Routers every 5 minutes for 365 days.

The final statistics show that in average Network uptime was:

2010 Yearly Total 99.934%

With this we reasure our commitment to give Offshore Hosting services with worldclass network uptime.

Jorge Morneo
Cyber Cast International, S.A.