Shared-5 Hosting node maintenance

Apirl 6th 9:00 PM EST UPDATE:

The new server is working as expected. The majority of the clients are now imported and working. If your website is not running or is presenting issues please contact us at with your name, domain name and issue so we can assist you.

April 6th 3:00 P.M. EST UPDATE:

Web traffic is now disabled. We are currently doing clients backup through Plesk backup tools. The new server is under setup and testing and soon we will start moving backups. Advise that this is a time consuming task. We are doing our best efforts to keep this as short as possible. Email traffic is still active.

April 6th 12:43 P.M. EST UPDATE:

Unfortunatelly the bit per bit restore of shared-5 server failed because there are some damaged sectors in both hard disk. For this reason we are going to schedule another maintenance for tonight to try other strategy.

Advise that this maintenance is preventive but very important to be completed. All clients data is safe and we will be reactivating web traffic in order to bring all services up and running.


Starting  april 5th at 10:00 P.M. EST shared-5 hosting node is under an urgency maintenance due to  hard disk malfunction. By that time we started to do bit per bit migration to a new and more powerful server. By the time we wrote this update, we are at 10% of the restore of all clients data to the new server and we expect to be finished at 4:00 P.M. april 6th.

As the migration is going to take time we have activated the email service so that your e-mail communication is not affected. The web traffic to the websites won’t be activated in order to keep data integrity after migration is ended.

We appreciate your understanding and be confident that our team is working around the clock in this issue. If you have any question please email us at


Jorge Moreno
NOC Manager
Cyber Cast Intl


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