General Power Blackout in Panama february 25th 2013

Earlier today, feb. 25th,  a general blackout was reported in Panama. The problem is at the core of the power distribution network.  Due to this issue we are running on generator and the concern is that telecommunication are failing as the outage is in process. As usual we are monitoring all links and services.

We are going to keep posting update at our twitter account:


Jorge Moreno
NOC Manager

Downtime Nov. 11th 2011

Today Nov. 11th, 2011, at 5:34 PM Panama time a our facility experienced a power failure and the generator had problems starting. At that time the electric team started working and the problem was fixed. The total downtime was 01hr 35min.

All nodes are back to normal. If you are experiencing problems please send us an email to with the details of your service so we can verify it for you.

Jorge Moreno
NOC Manager

Downtime Feb 10th 2011

Today starting at 7:00 PM -5 GMT we start receiving massive traffic in one of our upstream providers. Usually this kind of attack is automatically detected and mitigated but today for some unknown reason the mitigation equipment was not detecting or telling us nothing about the traffic. After long troubleshooting with the manufacturer we were able to identify and mitigate the attack. At this time everything is running fine and we do not expect to have further issue with this case. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Jorge Moreno
Manager at CCI

Shared Hosting Servers improvements for 2011 are in production

We are starting 2011 with major improvements in our shared hosting server farm.

The addition of a new firewall layer  and the addition of five new cPanel servers will guarantee lots of resources for our most intensive users.

Our new backup solution running daily incremental backups will guarantee disaster recovery in the event of a server failure.

We are confident that this new improvements will enhance the level of service for 2011.

Jorge Moreno
Cyber Cast International, S.A.




December 2010 Uptime Report


2010 is now gone and we would like to let our customers know how we did with our network uptime.

Third party uptime monitoring system,, tracked our Internet Routers every 5 minutes for 365 days.

The final statistics show that in average Network uptime was:

2010 Yearly Total 99.934%

With this we reasure our commitment to give Offshore Hosting services with worldclass network uptime.

Jorge Morneo
Cyber Cast International, S.A.

Network Intermittency June 1st 2010


At around 11 AM EST the Edge Router facing one of our carriers started failing possible do to a network based attack.
Our network team with help of the carrier were able to solve the intermittency at around 1 PM EST. We are monitoring the router and traffic. At this point all traffic is back to usual.

Jorge Moreno
Manager at CCI



Today we continue experimenting network problems. Fortunately we were able to find the root of the problem and it is now totally solved. We do not expect any further outage regarding this issue.

Jorge Moreno

Shared-5 Hosting node maintenance

Apirl 6th 9:00 PM EST UPDATE:

The new server is working as expected. The majority of the clients are now imported and working. If your website is not running or is presenting issues please contact us at with your name, domain name and issue so we can assist you.

April 6th 3:00 P.M. EST UPDATE:

Web traffic is now disabled. We are currently doing clients backup through Plesk backup tools. The new server is under setup and testing and soon we will start moving backups. Advise that this is a time consuming task. We are doing our best efforts to keep this as short as possible. Email traffic is still active.

April 6th 12:43 P.M. EST UPDATE:

Unfortunatelly the bit per bit restore of shared-5 server failed because there are some damaged sectors in both hard disk. For this reason we are going to schedule another maintenance for tonight to try other strategy.

Advise that this maintenance is preventive but very important to be completed. All clients data is safe and we will be reactivating web traffic in order to bring all services up and running.


Starting  april 5th at 10:00 P.M. EST shared-5 hosting node is under an urgency maintenance due to  hard disk malfunction. By that time we started to do bit per bit migration to a new and more powerful server. By the time we wrote this update, we are at 10% of the restore of all clients data to the new server and we expect to be finished at 4:00 P.M. april 6th.

As the migration is going to take time we have activated the email service so that your e-mail communication is not affected. The web traffic to the websites won’t be activated in order to keep data integrity after migration is ended.

We appreciate your understanding and be confident that our team is working around the clock in this issue. If you have any question please email us at


Jorge Moreno
NOC Manager
Cyber Cast Intl

Emergency Maintenance on VPS Linux Node 2


Maintenance Window: Tuesday March 23 2010

Scheduled Time: 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST

Anticipated Impact: You may experience 30 minutes outage period.

Scope of work: RAM upgrade on main hardware node (VPS Linux 2).

PERSONNEL INVOLVED: Alfredo Burgos, Jorge Moreno

Cyber Cast International to Offer cPanel as a cPanel Partner NOC

Panama City, Panama, November 25, 2009. — Leading offshore web hosting provider, Cyber Cast International (, announced today that it will now be offering control panel solutions by cPanel directly as a cPanel NOC Partner. This partnership allows Cyber Cast Intl. to provide cPanel as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) value add-on to its hosting product lines.

While Cyber Cast Intl. has offered cPanel products in the past, as a certified cPanel Partner Network Operations Center it will be able to offer better value and service to its clients with immediate cPanel license activation and 24/7 support. The cPanel server control panel software provides a decisive advantage in terms of both efficiency and level of service to directly improve the overall server experience for customers.

“We are proud to be accredited as a cPanel NOC Partner. This is an important part of our strategic partnership plans to extend our service levels. ” said Jorge Moreno, C.E.O of Cyber Cast Intl. “We are very excited to be able to offer improved service and expedited processing on this highly advanced software product.”

In addition to offering cPanel as an NOC Partner, Cyber Cast Intl. will continue to provide control panels from other vendors.

About Cyber Cast International
Founded in 2002, Cyber Cast Intl. is a web hosting provider incorporated in Panama and hosts thousands of business and personal websites from its data center in Panama City. Cyber Cast Intl. specializes in high-privacy hosting solutions and offers shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers and server collocation. For more information, please visit

About cPanel®
Since 1997, cPanel Inc. has created software that makes life easier for web hosts and the website owners they serve. cPanel’s easy-to-use, powerful tools for Linux and Windows® web servers perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably. As it grows, cPanel is committed to enhancing its software and providing a team that provides accelerated resolution to hosting issues.To learn more about cPanel, please visit

Partial Network Downtime

Today at around 3:00 A.M. Panama time our atlantic route via columbus network failed. We are still checking what caused the issue. All the affected traffic was moved using other route. At this point everything is fine. We will continue monitoring. Sorry for the inconveniences.